3D / Puff Embroidery Digitizing:

3D Puff embroidery services are largely used in digitizing these days. So you may have frequently come across those sturdy and thick designs on shirts, hats and badges. The famous 3D effect comes from the use of 3D embroidery foam, this reason where 3D puff embroidery design is named. The use of this technique increases the height of design and thus, by increasing the depth, it renders the 3D-effect.

This design has an everlasting effect and its increasing demand over the last few years, especially with 3d embroidery hats, caps and badges etc. The prime factor of the 3d puff is its stylish look; it is the best way of adding the creativity and artistic feel in any custom hat and sweatshirt or any other clothing piece.

Different Options of Custom 3D Puff Embroidery:

  • Custom Hats
  • Hoodies
  • Workwear
  • sweatshirts

What kind of applications is used for 3D Puff Embroidery?

  • Trade shows
  • Recruiting events
  • Industrial custom wear
  • Custom Hats
  • Promotional products
  • Custom logo uniforms

When it comes to our customer service, we are proud that we know how to maintain the quality and finishing of our product. We provide 3D puff digitizing services to our customers. We have hundred of customers who are very confident and satisfied with our 3D puff digitizing services and many other services.

Can you use 3D Puff Embroidery for Decoration Method?

Many of our customers assume how to use 3D puff embroidery for the decoration purpose and they also think that this type of digitizing is easy to do just like others but they are so wrong to think that because the 3D puff designing is a whole new concept which contains of comprised of some added steps and more processing method that makes it much more complicated and bit pricey too.

  • You can use our 3d puff services if you want to add some pop up to your designs of the logo. So if you add some depth in the design and put a stylish touch to your company logo.
  • It also gives the design last longing impact then a normal design.
  • 3D puff embroidery is a high quality designing technique which makes your product like hats, shirts, jacket, bags or badges somehow brings stylish and extra sophisticated impression.
  • It is bit pricey but your price paid will be worth it at last.

As it can be known that the puff embroidery can also be done on a fabric. But the decoration has no fabric on it if you have to do 3d embroidery on it. I f you want to then you have to find some hard goods and accessories that can be decorated with custom embroidered patches. It can be impossible to do such elaborated and detailed design on the decoration piece.

Plus the 3D puff embroidery can only be done on the piece of fabric that can be embroidered. The fabric can be of any type, just like much more common on heavier items adding with sweatshirts or work wear. This is the reason that it provides an added weight itself that can cause lighter fabrics to sink.