Applique Embroidery Digitizing:

Applique embroidery is one of the demanded designs in the fashion industry. People now-a-days wants their designs unique and stylish. The history of the appliqué is not specified anywhere but we say that in older times when people where repairing their torn clothes they use a piece of fabric and stitch them from the borders and that fabric is called appliqué. At first the craftsmen’s used to sew the top area which is ripped by using fabric patches which is also came handy later as it called the patchwork and then become an important art and craft form of Benin, west Africa.

How to Applique design?

At first Applique require a number of stitches to subjoin the patch piece on the material base. The most commonly used stitch in this scenario in straight stitch. Or the running stitch is the common type of stitch which is practiced while attaching appliqué patches on the material or fabric base. The embroidery is usually followed on the edges. There is another stitching type that is used on the overlap edges is satin stitch embroidery. The patch can also be glued to be fixed on the fabric.

Applique design is also different from other regular designs because they are created on incorporate appliqué fabric. Because instead of filling in the shapes of the design, we apply the appliqué fabric in the shape. The process always starts by stitching out a placement line, that line shows that where the intended appliqué fabric will be applied. You have to make sure that the fabric covers the placement line. The next step is to track down stitching. Its purpose is to hold the appliqué fabric in place you can trim the outside edges of the fabric with the help of appliqué scissors. And the final step is to finish the job with the satin stitching around the outside. This stitch should cover the raw edges of appliqué fabric.

The Digitizing of appliqué embroidery designs usually starts with introducing the image file to the embroidery digitizing software. And if the imported image small then we increase its dimension to the obligatory size that has to be embroidered. And after closing the nodes, edit them by dragging and resizing them close to the actual outline. During this process, zoom in carefully to view and edit the details accordingly.

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