Vector Artwork

With minimum vector nodes and no over-lapping cut lines.The most persistent problem with raster or bitmap images (.jpg, .PNG, .PSD etc.) has been their limited pixel density.These images tend to get pixilated or blurred when overstretched. This cause a serious concern for embroidery companies who wish to use these images on different apparel. Vector files like .EPS, AI, PDF, CDR Etc. are mathematically derived files with no concept of pixel/ resolution which enable them to be stretched and scale to any size without distorting the image.Once the order form is received, our team assesses the design thoroughly in the light of information provided via form. If any further queries arise from our end which is not answered in the form then we refer back to you via email to eliminate any confusion or discrepancy.

At 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING, we use the state-of-the-art technology coupled with experienced digitizers to help convert your low resolution / poor quality raster images into vector format. We are one of the leading custom digitizing companies in the world, offering complete, reliable and affordable vector art conservation services to our customers.Our expert digitizers can convert even the poorest quality image (even a rough handmade sketch), screenshot, drawing, LOGO into high quality and precise vector format.Our highly competent and experienced digitizers manually vectorize every image, essentially recreating every subtle curve and detail using latest industry standard vector graphic software.

We offer all major vector file formats as output files which are easily editable for any further enhancements or last minute changes. Some of our vector output formats include .AI, .PSD, .EPS etc.